Add observerurl to "Unable to connect to Home Assistant" message


this morning HA looped between image
I couldn’t find the observer url at that time, So I just decided to unplug the power and power it up again.
No I know it’s port 4357, but probably I will forget this soon.
is it possible to add the observer url to the message?
then I would be able to check some more.

4357 = H E L P on an alpha phone dial. Alll you have to remember is “HELP” and then look at your phone keypad to get the port number.

I’ve moved your post to feature requests. Don’t forget to vote for your own request.

But now we need to remember how those old school phones looked also.


Smartphones still have this feature.

The observer is only available on installations with a supervisor.
When you do not get past this screen, it does not know if you have a supervisor or not.
On top of that the observer only works from inside your LAN.

I don’t see a way how this can be added in a proper manner.

also a good suggestion to check the phone.

I think it can be available from the outside as long as you forward the port.
but I think it would also have value if it only works from inside the LAN.

Maybe some client JS can be created to check if the port is accessible from the current location.