Add-on developer question: if version is set to `dev`, how will my users get updates?

I develop an add-on called prometheus_node_exporter. I do not yet publish container images on GHCR, so each time the user installs the add-on, they’re basically building from master.

I recently set the version of the add-on to dev, so that I could enable the addon-ci.yaml workflow in GitHub actions (which requires the version to be dev).

However, I’m wondering, how will Home Assistant know there is a newer version of my add-on, if the version is just dev?

Would appreciate any insight.

They can’t basically. You need to uninstall, manually hit the check for updates button and then reinstall the addon. Which is fine for personal use…
I just increment a version number if I do changes on my Main version

Where is the dev requirement? I don’t see it.

I personally just use
addons example builder
addons example lint

There is a environment requirement on the builder. I think that is exclude the builder though.
env --test
I think that would go in your build.yaml…

I guess you could have dev version and – test in build.yaml so only one builder is used if you had both.

addon-ci.yaml calls frenck/action-addon-linter with this arg set, which runs this line, which requires dev to be set.

Thanks for the examples! I used the lint script in place of the addon-ci.yaml workflow and I’m good now!

ahh I see now thanks.
You could possibly do dev-2022.8.6 or similar