Add-on/docker container does not get an IPv6 address (Home Assistant Yellow)

Maybe I am missing out on something general because I haven’t fully understood the relation between add-ons and the docker container run by the supervisor but I am stuck with the following:

I am running Home Assistant Yellow (core 2024.5.1; sv: 2024.04.4; os: 12.2) in a mixed IPv4/IPv6 network. Network adaptor end0 is provided with both address types automatically (and correctly).

I now noticed that an add-on fails to get its own IPv6 address. I figured this out by using the “advanced ssh & web terminal” add-on to take a look at the running docker containers.

So I am assuming (which might be totally bogus) something went wrong, when the supervisor started the container. Provided there is a least some sense to it: is there a way to control the supervisor’s behavior or would this have to be done in the add-on’s YAML file exclusively?

Thanks a lot in advance!


What AddOn is it?

Ah, sorry, I’m not familiar with that AddOn.

There is an ongoing discussion about this: RFC: Support IPv6 for network isolated add-ons · Issue #2133 · home-assistant/supervisor · GitHub

Thanks a lot!

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