Add-On Feature Request (RPC Shutdown)

I’m using the RPC shutdown addon along with a wake on LAN switch and I can successfully wake up and shut down my Windows PC. However, I rarely/never want to fully shut down my Windows machine. I want a way to just put the machine to sleep. Is there a way to modify the settings either in Windows or in Hassio/RPC shutdown to have the command put the computer to sleep instead of shutting down completely?

#Copied & Pasted from this post, Home Assistant + Aqara Vibration Sensor Question (No vibration within an hour then shut down PC) - #11 by ardysusilo as what his mentioned is exactly what I need.


I am not very familiar because RPC did never work on my PC.
Nevertheless I tried and with this you can easily make custom commands.
Maybe this helps…


For me it is working since day 1, have you follow this post to setup?

Thanks for this tip, it works really well!

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