Add-on: hue mqtt bridge

Hey fellows,

I was trying to create an addon for the following component:

I’m failing with everything. Can someone help me creating an addon for this? There is already a prebuilt docker image:

When I use a simple construct for addon, it says, it cannot find the tag “1”, which seems to be hardcoded. I cannot change the tag in config. The default tag is “default”, which is not looked up by

The problem is, that after reboot of host / restart of container, all custom files and services will be destroyed. Therefore an addon is needed.

Thank you in advance,

did you get any further? I just migrated from hassbian to so i’ll need this too, unless there is another way to get “almost-instant” feedback from pushing hue remote buttons? (dimmer/tap)


sorry for the late reply.

I switched my zigbee hub from hue to raspbee (

There rest api (Deconz) pushes switch changes directly to hassio.

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This one worked for me before. Now using a custom_component though.

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