Add-on not only for administrator

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Hi everybody !

I’ve got a few add-ons installed for my own use and it works well because I’m administrator in HA…

Today I installed Grocy which allow manage his fridge. As it’s a family add-on, and I need that the other users (non administrator) access to this add-on too !!

But I realized that only administrator user can see (and access) to add-ons !

Did I miss something to allow “simple” user to see add-on ?

Thank you for your answers !!

Hi all,

+1 for this request as well (not only for Grocy)

+1 for this request.

+1 for this request.

There’s a ‘workaround’ of sorts; You can reverse proxy the Grocy web server and present it via a lovelace website card however there’s a good bit of work in doing this and some features (like camera) may not work.

+1 for this request as well.

+1 for this

Mind editing to make this in the feature requests category @Will711990?

+1 for this

This is very needed. I have a tablet that I don’t want to have Admin access, but want to mount it on my fridge and use it for Grocy. (and to control my home lights etc)

If you want it, hit the vote button.