Add-on store missing motioneye

I just started playing around with Home Assistant on my new Rbpi. Well, all went well till now. But, I am unable to find motioneye in add-on store. I wanted it to configure my Wyze cams over rtsp. But, only 21 official add-ons are listed in the store and motioneye is missing there. I tried typing in its name to search, but no luck.

Hi… Go to the addon store and on the top right end there would be settings, click it. Then select reload. And check if the addon comes. If not go to the settings again and select repositories. A window will pop up. In that copy the below url into the add repository tab and click add. Then check.
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Thank you Shemin! The repo you provided didn’t work. But, then I found the the git url to which it was pointing and that got added. I am able to look up motion eye now. You saved my day!