Add-on UniFi starting on docker interface


I’m using the HA image for Raspberry PI.

My version is:
Core: 2024.4.4
Supervisor: 2024.04.0
OS: 12.2

When installing, supervisor comes by default with a docker interface

My network interface is and my ubnt ip interface is

When I start any addon, in this specific case UniFi, it uses the docker interface as a server, as shown below:
Captura de Tela 2024-04-30 às 11.09.36

I have already defined my interface as default, assign static IP, etc. but still, the interface for the add-on is

As a result, I cannot adopt my UniFI access points through the uniFI server in HA.

Any idea?


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From the documentation:

  1. Click the “OPEN WEB UI” button, and follow the initial wizard.
  2. After completing the wizard, log in with the credentials just created.
  3. Go to the settings (gears icon in the bottom left) → System → Advanced.
  4. Next to the Inform Host label, click the checkbox option for Override so that is now “checked”.
  5. Change the Host for Inform to match the IP or hostname of the device running Home Assistant.
  6. Hit the “Apply Changes” button to activate the settings.

Did you do steps 7 - 9?


Thanks for the feedback.

Although Advanced Mode is enabled in my profile, the advanced option does not appear in the settings. I looked for options in networks, etc. and couldn’t find where to replace the hostname.


Ricardo Fregati

Not the HA settings, the unifi controller settings. In the addon. First step:

Screenshot 2024-05-03 at 23-46-41 Home Assistant

Then do all those steps in the Unifi interface.


That’s a cloud key, not the addon but the interface should be the same.

Sorry for the confusion.

Even changing the IP, the interface still binds to 172.x

Captura de Tela 2024-05-03 às 11.04.26

Thank you for your help.

Have an excellent day.


And that is definitely the IP address of your Home Assistant server?

Hit apply and try restarting the add-on.



interface: end0

HA Docker eth0 IP:

I have already restarted the HA and also the system and it still maintains the IP of


I’m out of ideas sorry. You could ask in the Discord Community Add-ons support channel: Community Add-ons

did you take your older controller offline?
need to make sure the older controller isn’t fighting with your newer controller to override the ip.

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Thanks a lot for the help.

Have an excellent day.

King regards,

Ricardo Fregati


Thaks for response.

Yes, my old controller is offline.

bummer sorry i dunno either then. i did have the same behavior when i migrated over a year ago… the old/new contention was the prob for me…