Add one switch to a zone, not a whole device

I have a SONOFF Light switch wired in to 3 lights. Switch 1 is the lights in the room, Switch 2 & 3 are external lights. The device is in the zone for the room but that causes issues in the ambiguity around turning on and off lights in the room.

Is there a way to make only Switch 1 a member of the room? Maybe a virtual light that is connected to it?

You might try creating a “virtual” device with Device Tools.

Yes. You can change the area of each entity.

Click on the entity you want to move then in the pop up card click on the settings cog icon. Right down at the bottom of the card turn off the “Use device area” toggle and set the area you want it to be in. Then click the UPDATE button.

Note: This won’t move the entities out of the device, just the area they are assigned to. So if you moved switches 2 & 3 to an area called “Outside” and then in an automation used the switch.turn_off service to turn off all switches in the Outside area, these two switches would turn off but switch 1 would not.

As of core-2024.4 you can now also assign labels to individual entities too.