Add-ons missing: Help to install manually

As I am installing on a Pine64, I followed: It appears that because I did not follow the standard Hass-io installer that I cannot install addons as discussed here:

The above link does however state that I “can achieve the same result manually”.

How do I install an addon manually?

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By figuring out what it does and finding alternative installation methods

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They depends widely on WHAT add-on you are interested in .
HASS Configurator is available as a separate install.
There is a good tutorial on using DuckDNS.
If you must have the Hassio addons, perhaps you sould have followed their generic Linux install instructions to install Hassio instead of HASS.

Thanks for that. I must have misunderstood the instructions as I thought their generic installs were only for certain devices like the Raspberry Pi. Will look again.