Add-ons not appearing available?

Hi all,

Whilst trying to add the ability to WOL and remote shutdown a media PC I found myself with the Settings > Add-ons no longer loading (well, I believe they were functionally loading / running, just not displaying)?

After Googling to similar issues posted here with solutions like deleting a database file (not good) or fully shutting down HA ( Home Assistant 2023.6.1 Supervisor 2023.06.1 Operating System 10.2 Frontend 20230608.0 - latest) and power-cycling (better), I have ended up with what looks like Firefox (114.0.1 (64-bit)) after successfully opening the Add-ons page, can’t then re-open it (it just spins the circle) unless I refresh the page when it opens straight away?

If I try the same thing in Chrome (114.0.5735.110 (Official Build) (64-bit)) it seems to work fine but I can’t think it’s specifically a FF thing as it was working fine until this last series of restarts after adding the ‘RPC Shutdown’ add-on?

Same problem here. Confirmed on two different HAOS instances running OS 10.2 w/ HA & Supervisor 2023.06.1 on Firefox 114.0.1

In Firefox, if I refresh the whole Add-Ons page from the browser there’s no problem, but if I navigate to Add-Ons through the UI link, it will show a spinning icon indefinitely (though it possibly works the first time after restart?). In any case, Chrome works fine either way.

Thanks for that confirmation.

I have also tried it from a live Linux instance with Firefox and a fresh installation of Linux/Firefox on a PC with the same issue (My daily desktop is W10 but I tried it on Linux for something different).

Chromium on Linux PC was also fine so it really seems to be a compatibility issue between Firefox and (specifically) the Settings > Add-ons menue after the initial visit (from first starting Firefox).

I’m sure someone who knows their HTML / browsers can explain why?

I just got a mate who does webwork to have a look at it remotely and he said:

"… looks like different sources in each browser, FF V20230601.0, Chrome V20230608.0.

Maybe they fixed a bug, looks like there’s an empty reference somewhere?"

Doesn’t mean anything to me but …

Bug report is here:

Thanks for the heads up. :wink:

There was a HA update today and I was hoping that might cover this (as I’ve had similar things in the past that were quickly resolved by an update before I got round to breaking something) but alas, no.

My problem is, that Addons does not even appear in the settings…