Add-ons showing older versions are available for update (OR can I force HASS to check for updates?)

I needed to recover from backup using an old installation and now all my add-ons are showing “updates” available to older versions than what I have installed after recovering from backup.

I’m using VirtualBox with a backup that was fully updated. Here’s what I did:

  • I updated my HASS installation to the latest OS, Core, and add-ons.
  • Made a full backup and downloaded it to my computer.
  • Restored an old snapshot from a year ago.
  • Updated the OS and Core of that snapshot. Did NOT update the add-ons.
  • Restored from my backup.
  • The backup was successfully restored

Now, my add-ons are showing that updates are available to versions which are actually older than what’s currently installed.

I was even able to use the update button to “update” to the older version and it ended up reverting my add-on to older code.

I suspect that I’m seeing outdated add-on version info because I updated from an old version of HASS and somehow the old add-on version information survived the update. I tried to find a way to force HASS to check for updates but I couldn’t find any command that would get that done.

There seem to be 3 issues here:

  1. HASS add-on information persists through a backup recovery. If add-on information isn’t restored with a backup file (which I can understand) then HASS should refresh the add-on information as soon as the backup completes.

  2. There should be an option to force HASS to refresh the database of current versions for OS, Core, and add-ons. Either a CLI or UI option should have HASS refresh the meta info of OS, Core, and add-ons.

  3. HASS should version compare and recognize that it’s suggesting I “update” to an older version. Regardless of what HASS thinks is the “latest” version, it should always compare the version its suggesting to the version of what’s already installed. If it’s suggesting an older version, it should not say an update is available.

I’m assuming this issue will go away on its own after a day or two when HASS will go through its routine update check but it would be nice to be able to clear it up automatically or force an update earlier.

Am I understanding the problem correctly? Should I submit a bug report? Any insight would be appreciated.

Here’s a screenshot showing that an “update” is available, even though it’s an older version.


You can force this by using the Supervisor RELOAD button, then reloading the page of interest.

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Thanks Tom but I didn’t get a chance to try that out because I just found the “reload” button for add-on info. It’s in the 3 dot menu of the add-on store.