Add Onvis Thread device to HA with SkyConnect Multiprotocol

I have a new Onvis S4UK smart plug that uses Thread and Matter.
I already have a SkyConnect that I have configured with multiprotocol per the docs here: Home Assistant SkyConnect .
I have ensured that the thread and zigbee configuration have a matching channel (25).
My existing Zigbee device is added and working.
To try to add the Onvis Thred plug I am following the docs here: Matter (BETA) - Home Assistant.
For commisioning I am using my Android device with the HA companion app
The plug is in pairing mode. My Android device has Bluetooth enabled.
In the companion app I go to Settings > Devices > + Add Device > Add Matter Device.
The companion app then launches the Google Home app to scan the QR code for the device. The Google Home app then tries to find the device but always fails.

I’m guessing this is because I do not have any Google Home devices that support Thread/Matter. But this is why I have the SkyConnect dongle…
How do I force HA to use the SkyConnect rather than Google to commision the device?
Or do I misunderstand the expected process?

Can you go to Google Home apk settings and reset the defaults? Maybe the qr code protocol is already defaulted to Google Home and it is not letting home assistant app to accept it.

Thanks for your reply @fuatakgun !
Im not sure where to find this option though, or which defaults specifically I should look for?
On my Android device (One Plus 8 pro) I can go to “App Info” wherein I see the following:

Nothing here seems to directly match the screen that you show.
However “Open by default” seems like it might be similar. Looking there I can see the following.

The 3 verified links are:

I don’t see a way to clear these except for clearing the app cache or all app data, which would likely affect my Google Home network of devices.

Maybe, you can disable open supported links option and give it a try

I tried this.
The process was still the same.
However, great success! The device is now found, even with the Google home app being used as part of the commisioning flow!
I had unplugged and re-plugged-in the device in the mean time, so possibly that helped… I guess I’ll find out with the next one!

I can’t even find Settings > Devices in my companion app! When I open Companion App at the top level it says “Servers and Devices” but only offers “Add Server” (which I already did to start with). Is there more than one companion app?

The companion app I mention is the Home Assistant app on Android.
I am not sure, but it should be the same across all platforms.

It is not any Onvis app (I didnt eve look for tha so not sure if it exists or what menus and settings are there)

SORTED. I didn’t have Matter Server add-on installed.

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