Add option to hide the group card 'master' switch

Take the following screenshot as an example:

This group is defined with the following code:

  name: "Hom-Bot"
    - sensor.hombot_status
    - sensor.hombot_battery
    - script.hombot_clean
    - script.hombot_pause
    - script.hombot_home
    - sensor.hombot_last_clean

To me, the master switch in this group card does not make sense. I would prefer the group card to look like this:

So, I would suggest adding an option to a group definition (or a way to customize a group) to hide the master switch of the group card. Something like: master_switch: no


I second this!

Yes add me to this request, i have a group of scripts that have a master switch that makes absolutely no sense.



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I’ve been wondering about this too.

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+1. I have several groups for which the switch makes no sense, and is extremely undesirable if it gets accidentally toggled.

Maybe this is a tangent to the request, but it might also be useful to instead of hiding the switch, configure the switch to turn off a specific entity.

For example, I use harmony-api to create some mqtt switches, and then I have a group of with my activities. I have one switch that’s called like “TV” that turns on the my default activity. By having the master switch, turning it on or off would turn all the groups on, including the ‘default’ thing. Ideally, I’d just like the master switch to toggle the configured TV switch.

+1, got my vote.

I’d also like the ability to disable the group switch.

Any feed back on this question?

Not really. The only Pull Request I could find is PR #2779 from back in August which didn’t use a suitable approach, so it was closed.

Voted for this as well.

Using some magic smoke (I asume) the group.all_automations does not have a group switch. My group ‘Voorkeuren’, which contains Input Boolean’s, does (and I would like to disable it).


This is heavily needed still.

I’ll try to make a fix this evening, is pretty easy actually (as far as I can see, but you never know ;)).

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PR was just merged. So it will be available in 0.35. :slight_smile:


Closed the topic because this has now been implemented