Add optional delay in Harmony send_command

Got a device being controlled through IR with my Harmony. The only way to get it to work from my Harmony is by pressing for a longer time on the button. Same when doing this from the Harmony iOS app. There is no other way (in Harmony the delay is already set to maximum for sending the command).

To be able to control this from Home Assistant, I need to have a delay between the “press” and “release” within the send_command function.
I made changes locally on mine to in pyharmony to add an optional command delay. I then also further updated the HASS Harmony package to add an additional attribute for the command delay (default is 0 hence no delay same as it is right now). After doing this change on mine I’ve been able to work my blinds without any issues.

I just submitted my change for on the pyharmony branch. Is it now best to wait until there is a new version of pyharmony before making the change in HASS considering this is a hard dependency?

Note, this is my first work using GitHub etc… so apologies for “silly” questions but I wanna make sure I do things right and not make more work for others.