Add options to Thermostat card configuration

I’m currently using a Grid Card to display my AC controls. When I click on the details for the card, I notice there are more options which I’d like to display on the “main display”

Is this feasible? I noticed the swing mode is listed here: Climate Entity | Home Assistant Developer Docs but not sure how to add it to the card or if it can be done at all.

All I see are the main features

This is not about configuring a Grid card.
Grid card is just a container which may keep different cards (History graph card, Entities card, …).
What you should mean is a card which you placed inside the Grid card.
Suggest to find out a name of this card → rename your thread accordingly.

Hope it makes sense now

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Do you have another option if you click on Add Feature?

No, I only have “Climate HAVC modes”.

Not sure then. I have both “Climate HAVC modes” and “Climate preset modes”.

If you go to Developers Tools → States and find your Climate entry, does it show any preset modes like this?

Hmmm, I don’t have that entry. Will take a closer look


Any update regarding this topic?