Add or remove attributes from snapshot_entities

I’ve been trying out the relatively new scene.create service to try to copy settings from several devices so that they can be set back to whatever state they were in prior.
Along with learning about scene.create, I found the new snapshot_entities option to be a nice addition.

However, I’m dealing with some rgb smart bulbs, and one of the things that I’ve learned early on is that to change the rgb_color, you cannot set the color_temp. Currently, when trying to use snapshot_entities on these bulbs, the color_temp gets set. I want my bulbs to go bright white temporarily (which can only be done using color_temp), but then I want them to go back to using whatever rgb_color they were prior. If the scene I change them back to comes with color_temp, they just stay bright white.

I’d love to see something like:

         - light.bulb1
              - color_temp
              - some_other_attr

Or maybe something additive would be more logical:

         - light.bulb1
              - rgb_color
              - brightness

I’m not sure which way would be more convenient or useful to the community. Maybe both?