Add "percentage" behind a value


New to Home Assistant, and was wondering is there a way to add a % behind the value of Garasje? Just my OCD kicking in. See picture and code bellow.

type: entities
  - entity: sensor.garasjeport_battery
    name: Garasje
  - entity: sensor.hue_dimmer_switch_1_battery_level
    name: Hue dimmer
  - entity: sensor.living_room_battery
    name: Stue
  - entity: sensor.inngangsdor_battery
    name: Inngangsdør
show_header_toggle: false
state_color: false
title: Batterinivå

Cuatimoze the sensor and change the device class to battery. Either though the UI under

      device_class: battery

Or through the UI (steps explained in the linked docs).

Thank you! That got me in the right direction! it already was device_class: battery" but I added unit_of_measurement: '%' and now its good :slight_smile:

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