Add Person/User Through Lovelace Card(s)

I’m trying to figure out how to add a person through a Lovelace Card.

I have a fairly comprehensive home automation system, and when I have guests over, I need to either disable all of my presence-based automations, or I have to manually create persons/users for them. So, I’m looking for a way for my guests to self-manage their experience in Home Assistant.

I’ve got a few ideas, but I was hoping someone had gone down this road before and could provide some input.

I’m imaging that I would provide a general “guest tablet” (with the Home Assistant App), and this “guest dashboard” would guide the user through the basic user information, like taking a picture, providing their name, and picking their tracking device. Then, the system would automatically create them a limited-permissions user account, and a password if so desired, so they could log in and manage via the home assistant app on their own device. It would also prompt for a “check-out” date, so I would know to automatically stop tracking their presence once they leave.