Add Preset Modes to MQTT Climate HVAC integration

Version 0.96 introduced preset modes for the climate integration, but it was not added to the MQTT climate integration. I would request this be added to the MQTT climate so that a full featured device can be configured using MQTT.

I’d like the same, there are thermostats, trv’s, and other devices that have built-in presets, and it would be great to have a possibility to use presets through mqtt.

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Is any news about this?

Is there news about this? i get that the presets are fetched from the device/integration but a manually added one should also be there … for me this is half baked!

right now we have “away_temp” but added ECO and NIGHT would be highly appreciated :yum:

or just custom_temp_1, custom_temp_2 :ok_hand: