Add PurpleAir map integration

The PurpleAir map integration was working for me until recently. Trying to add a PurpleAir map integration, the message says “To connect to a PurpleAir station, find the station you want to configure on the PurpleAir map, select it, and in the popup, click on “Get This Widget” and copy the JSON link.” No doubt the majority here know what "JSON link " means, but I don’t. Any help is appreciated.

The text that pops up after you click the “Get This Widget” link is your JSON. You need to pull out the station ID that you want to use. See the link above for example.

I’m still not getting it.

The example shows a format of:


The widget is:


Neither works. Even if I format the widget data to fit the example, it still does not work.

You want the station ID of ‘18973’, put that where ‘40509’ is in the example

Thanks, yes, I tried that:


It yielded this:


I tried a different id too:


Same result. I cleared the log and tried one more time. This is the log.

Thank you for trying to help me. I see now that I needed to completely replace the PurpleAir Custom Component and get an API from PurpleAir. Basically, I needed to start over after PurpleAir changed their API. It took awhile for this to sink into my thick skull. I have it up and running again.

Glad you got it working. I have both of my PurpleAir’s completely local using the Rest API, so I don’t have to worry about anyone ever changing anything on a cloud API.