Add 'ready to arm' and 'not ready to arm' states to MQTT Alarm Control Panel

Currently, the MQTT Alarm Control Panel supports the following states:

  • 'disarmed’
  • ‘armed_home’
  • ‘armed_away’
  • ‘pending’
  • ‘triggered’

This works great, but it would be good to split ‘disarmed’ into two states:

  • 'disarmed_ready_to_arm’
  • 'disarmed_not_ready_to_arm’

That way, Home Assistant would be able to disable the ‘ARM HOME’ and ‘ARM AWAY’ buttons if the alarm panel is not yet ready to arm (i.e. there is still movement in the house - not ready to arm).

That’s a great idea, I have lots of windows and door sensors so it would be nice to have the HA alarm know whether the house is the right state to enable the alarm to be armed.

Did you come up with a solution for this as I note this feature request doesn’t look like it has been implemented.