Add service calendar.reload to Google Calendar Integration

Currently with the Scheduler Helper there’s a service that allows you to restart the scheduler without the need to restart HA: schedule.reload

Google calendars update in HA every 15 minutes, so if I’m working on something using google calendars (like my smart dumb boiler project) and wish to test it, then I have to wait 15 minutes between changes to see if it’s working.

It can turn a 5 minute job into hours of testing to get working right.
(not an exaggeration. It’s literally taken me an afternoon to do some changes in the past)
The only way I found to force it to update faster is to reset HA.

Aligning the calendar to have a reload service would be ideal.

You can try :

service: homeassistant.reload_config_entry
data: {}
  entity_id: calendar.Maison

Replace the entity_id by any calendar. I think this reload the entire integration. The byproduct of restarting the integration is that it triggers a reloads of all the calendars.

The only downside is that the entities become unavailable for a short moment.

Yup, that did it.
They dipped out only for a couple of seconds, but much better than waiting 15minutes for it to update naturally (or forcing a full HA restart)

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Reverted back to the google_calendar.yaml method, but the service returns errors when manually triggered when using GCalendars this way with Home Assistant