Add show_icon to entities card to remove icon

so the glance card has it show_icon: false option
id like to see the Entites card to have it so i can remove the icons on the left hand side

actually any built in card etc have an option for each entity to remove the icon

be able to increase font size… i was able to increase fot size usith te ha-card stuff mod but after 25px the text cant fit in a row… so be nice the rows also increase in size too to scale

icon: none

hides the icon.

ah ok i was doing the show_icon: false and it didnt do anything
and there was no toggle switch in the enitties to turn on and off

is there a way to put the text now to the left side where the icon was
i was hoping once icon gone it shove the texr to the left

or is there a different enities i could use?

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I tried doing this with card-mod (allows you to use a variation of CSS to customize cards) but was unable to correctly reference the icon.