Add Slack support to Assist (conversation)

I’d like to be able to ask home assistant to do things via slack using assist.
Eg: @home-assistant turn on the kitchen lights
Or if I have custom responses:
Eg: @home-assistant how much rain did we get this week? 10mm of rain was recorded this week

I’m assuming this could be done via automations, but it seems hard, so I’m asking for it as a feature.

I also would like this.

One gigantic hack I’m thinking of, if this is not supported, is to do this in two steps:

  1. Have one automation so that everything posted in a certain slack channel is said aloud by a speaker. Like, “Turn on the kitchen lights” → “Hey Assistant, turn on the kitchen lights”
  2. Have that speaker be near something that will listen to that and respond accordingly.

Would be very slow, and not give very useful feedback, but I could see it being neat.