Add Smartmi Air Purifier to Integrations

I want to use the purifer-card.js lovelace custom component, however I am not sure which HACS integration to use for the Smartmi Air Purifier P1:

Smartmi is a Xiaomi company, but nowhere in the Xiaomi Miio integration do I see my Smartmi Air Purifier and in fact, Smartmi has its own standalone app which does not integrate with the Mi Home/Xiaomi MiiO apps at all, at least not on iOS.

I search for Smartmi directly in the Integrations section in the configuration tab in Home Assistant. Nada.

So I go searching for one in HACS and I get several options for Xiaomi integrations which make little sense to me as to which one I need, there are just too many to sort through or scan quickly to see what I need.

Maybe through the Aqara Gateway? Not sure.

Don’t really need much handholding with this just need some help being pointed in the right direction. New to HA and just tinkering with things.

I’ve been looking for the same thing

It’s really strange because the purifier card has the capability to add a Smartmi card to Lovelace UI but it’s worthless if I can’t even find the purifier in integrations/HACS in the first place.

I’ve added it though adding it on HomeKit on my phone then deleting it and adding it in HomeAssistant - it’s not perfect though as I don’t get all of the controls when it’s exposed through HomeAssistant and the air quality readings don’t seem to update automatically?

Yeah, it’s annoying that xiaomi has so many small “sub” brands …

Also interested in this. Any luck getting readings and controlling this from HA?