Add statistics for the cost/energy in the tibber integration

Today we have the this for the tibber integration:

Once a day a statistics with hourly consumption and cost data is generated that can be used in the Energy Dashboard. (The ids are tibber:energy_consumption_HOMEID and tibber:energy_totalcost_HOMEID )

It would be nice to see the cost/money per kWh that day/week and so on.
Today the tibber:energy_totalcost_HOMEID includes the monthly fee. Maybe this can be discussed if it should be included in this statistic or not.

It could look something like this maybe

@Danielhiversen what do you think of this feature request?

You can already get statistics for a week, month etc.
What i am missing if costs for each device but that need to be added in Home Assistant so nothing to do with the integration.

@Danielhiversen I created this some time ago but didn’t get much attention on it. What do you think of it?

No plans to add that.
If it should be added, it should be a generic feature in the energy dashboard and not specific to Tibber.

Would be nice to be able to add VAT costs for exemple 33 öre/kWh here in North Sweden.