Add suport for Mill Sense Air indoor climate sensor

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Info about the air quality sensor: Mill Sense Air - Mill. It measures Humidity, TVOC, Temperature and eCO2. It would be very nice to have these measurements in HA.

The sensor connects to the same Mill app that the Mill WiFi heaters use. There is already an integration for Mill heaters Mill - Home Assistant
@Danielhiversen Do you know if there are plans on adding suport for Mill sensor?

I do not have any Sense Air sensors, so would require someone else to do it.

I have the sensor but have limited time and knowledge. If you have some tips or examples for how to do this I can se what I can do or maybe some one else could help out.

Since there is no official API from Mill, you will need to decompile the Mill app or listen to network traffic from the app. It is quite a time consuming job

I have also been looking at getting that sensor and integrate with it. I was looking to check if it had API docs so I could easily make an integration and fell over this. and MILL | OPENAPI APIDOCUMENT

Is this API for something else or to interact with their cloud in some way? Just wondering if you had more knowledge about that with your experience Daniel? As I might reconsider using this sensor if I have to reverse engineer the API and protocol completely.

I think you have to reverse engineer the app API. That is how it is done today for heaters

Ah okay. I’ll consider that then.

You can get a 3 pack of these sensors for 20% off from her now Mill Sense Air luftkvalitetsmåler | Clas Ohlson if you like to test them out.

Ordered :slight_smile:
No promise for when I have time to look at it.

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First version with support for Mill Sense Air:

Will need to test it for a few days.