Add suport mcp23017 by i2c on gpio Raspbery pi 4

Platform error binary_sensor.mcp23017 - Integration ‘mcp23017’ not found.
Platform error binary_sensor.mcp23017 - Integration ‘mcp23017’ not found.

Too late.

what a shit! now I know why my 86 sensors stopped working. how to repair it? sorry if there is my post in the wrong section

So how can you use an MPC23017 expander?
I get the error too.
“Platform error switch.mcp23017 - Integration ‘mcp23017’ not found.”

i dont know, why this integration be deleted

Yes, it’s kind of pointless to remove a useful feature.
That must be really annoying for you.
Are the developers active here in the forum?
I can’t believe it actually got “removed”.

Read breaking changes for latest release, has been much discussed in forum over past months
If you use NodeRed there is a mcp23017chip node
You could also find the old integration and make it a custom integration for now, but at some point will probably break.

I don’t understand.
Why not “disable” the integration so you can “enable” it when you need it?
The Forward552 project now seems to be completely on hold and I too can rebuild all my chips with MPC expanders?
Do I really have to switch to NodeRed because of such a banality, when I’ve only just gotten used to Home Assistant?
I really don’t understand.

It’s a pity, this integration was very powerfull and much reactive compared to a lot of other integration/protocol.
Can anyone support on a alternative solution to have MCP23017 I/O Expander working with HomeAssistant.
I use it to manage a lot of relay and my system is now blocked.
I feel that I’m not alone in this situation and to be honest, I don’t really catch the comment related to the stability. At home, I use several protocol (RF433, KNX, Zigbee, GPIO and I2c (via MCP23017 I/O Expander). The most stable protocol are RF433 & I2c so far. All other are suffering Update which leads to recurrent rework.
Best regards to all

I made this one available to work around this (and fix a number of issues with the former one), see GitHub - jpcornil-git/HA-mcp23017: MCP23017 implementation for Home Assistant (threadsafe, lower latency and config flow support)