Add support for atomberg fans

Please add support for atomberg fans

have you tried localtuya?

I tried. The company recently released a new set of smart fans which works with their proprietary app via Bluetooth and WiFi.

If they don’t have a public API it is going to be difficult to add support.

Hi, I’m new to HA and I came here looking for newer series of Atomberg fan integration. I see that they no longer work with Tuya like the old models.

The newer fan seems to be using their proprietary board which works with their phone app and claims to integrate natively with Google and Alexa smart platforms. Additionally they are using the chip ESP32-C3-MINI-1.
Is there any existing integrations that may help here to integrate or any of this information useful in order to develop integration?

I’m also looking into this … if u have any updates on this please share

here check this link

Did you get any success? I bought 7 atomberg fans considering they had tuya chip. Not I am stuck.

Newer fans have esp32-c3. Is it possible to flash it with esphome?

still now no success … is anything I will update here. If u got any updates Pleas Update them here

I read comment on Amazon. Someone flashed it with esphome.

I have no idea about it …(no much information on it )


Do we have any updates on this, is anyone got the success? Fan will be useless until they don’t have support in HA

Hi, did they remove Tuya for the Atomberg Resena Smart + ceiling fan model, or for another fan model? Which latest models have Tuya integration? I am thinking of buying the Renesa Smart +, and want to check if Tuya would be available. Thanks!

Has anyone else tried flashing with ESPHome?

NO… Tuya won’t work with Renesa Smart +, still now there is no way to control atomberg fan using HA

I have been controlling my atomberg renesa smart plus fans using Google home integration. Create scripts for changing speed by commanding Google assistant. I have created 6 scripts for every fan and trigger them using buttons. The only problem is we ll never know the status of the fan

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Any update on how to flash ESPHome?

Official update from Atomberg

Got the tentative dates from Atomberg.


Atomberg public apis are now available. With the new app update there is developer options in the app which can be used to generate the api keys.