Add support for CalDAV exposed subscriptions

First time posting anything here so I hope I’ve found the right place.

The problem:
CalDAV integration can not pull subscription calendars from Nextcloud. The integration is only able to show your personal calendars.
Since Nextcloud seems to be a well used platform in the community, I can’t be the only one missing this feature =)
My family only uses Nextcloud calendars and being able to get all subscriptions from schools and other communities directly into HA would be a super smooth addition to everyones daily life.

This forum post touches on the subject:

I’ve also posted on the Nextcloud forums to see if anything can be done from that side.

Thanks everyone for your awesome work on this project!
Best regards,

Am I really the only one having a problem with this feature missing?? :grinning:

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Any day now, I can feel it!!

I fully support adding this feature. I am just getting into using Nextcloud calendars, and naturally getting them setup through HA. I am a bit surprised this feature isn’t possible.

Yeap it would be great.
But not sure if it’s fixable on the HA side or if something needs to be configured on Nextclouds side.

It’s a bit sad that more people doesn’t seem to use Nextcloud and their built in functions. Super nice to self-host from a privacy point of view.

Yeah, I followed your posts on the nextcloud help and github and I see that it’s not as simple as it maybe sounds like it should be. It would be nice to just manage calendars from a self hosted solution. The nextcloud HA integration is basically useless as it is to me. I don’t need a sensor on the number of files. But supporting every possible app through the integration would be cumbersome.

To be honest, I wasn’t even aware they had introduced a nextcloud integration :smiley:
But as you said, counting files is not very useful. Maybe for monitoring suspicious activity, but not much else.
Haven’t had a look at my post at nextcloud for quite some time, but I suspect not much has happened.

This isn’t the best solution, and I haven’t tested it out yet. Still means managing calendars in more than 1 place: