Add Support for Editing Lovelace YAML Configuration Directly in VSCode Add-on

Currently, editing the Lovelace YAML configuration in Home Assistant is not fully supported within the VSCode add-on. This limitation creates a significant inconvenience for users who frequently update sensors or entities, as they must manually search and update these references across multiple dashboards.

Feature Request:

  1. Direct YAML Editing Support: Enable direct editing of Lovelace YAML files within the Home Assistant VSCode add-on. This feature would streamline the workflow and allow users to manage their UI configurations more efficiently.
  2. Enhanced Search and Replace Functionality: Integrate advanced search and replace capabilities to help users find and update entity references across all Lovelace YAML files. This functionality should include:
  • Multi-file search
  • Search by entity ID
  • Batch replace across multiple files
  1. Template and Include Management: Improve support for YAML templates and includes within the VSCode add-on. This enhancement would allow users to modularize their configurations and manage large sets of dashboards more effectively.
  2. Syntax Highlighting and Validation: Add syntax highlighting and validation specific to Lovelace YAML to reduce errors and improve the user experience when editing YAML files directly in VSCode.
  3. Live Reloading: Implement a live reloading feature that automatically applies changes made to Lovelace YAML files without requiring a full UI refresh. This feature would enhance the development and testing process for custom dashboards.


  • Streamlined workflow for users managing complex Lovelace configurations.
  • Reduced time and effort required to update entities and sensors across multiple dashboards.
  • Improved accuracy and reduced likelihood of errors in YAML configuration.
  • Enhanced user experience with direct support for Lovelace-specific YAML editing features.


Implementing these enhancements will significantly improve the usability and efficiency of managing Lovelace YAML configurations within Home Assistant, particularly for users who rely heavily on the VSCode add-on for their configuration tasks.

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Please add your feature request to the extension in VSCode that handles all this.

Keep in mind, this is not maintained by HA, this is a 3rd party extension.