Add support for getting signalStrength for covers controlled by the Hunter Douglas PowerView Hub (2)

The Hunter Douglas PowerView Integration supports forcing an entity update, which will update e.g the battery state of any cover within reach. However, the raw data returned by the hub about a cover, may contain a “signalStrength” attribute. This signalStrength attribute can be updated for each cover, by calling the hub with “?survey=true” for each cover, e.g. like this:

curl 'http://<ip-of-powerview-hub>/api/shades/<shade-id>?survey=true'

It would be rather nice, if this somehow could be added to Home Assistant, especially for troubleshooting covers that sometimes does not react to the commands issued by HA to the Hub.

This has been, AFAICT, implemented in OpenHab, via this pull request. I reckon a seasoned HA developer should be able to implement a similar feature quite easily (or perhaps not, but at least I hope so :slight_smile: ).

One might also consider exposing the raw rssi returned by the survey call, as this actually has more information about the signal, than the signalStrenght atribute. It may also be considered to use the information about neighbours to report wheter a cover is communicating through a repeater.