Add support for govee H5105 BLE

Would like to have this device added, if not to much trouble. It has e-ink and better battery life. Also has a good form factor.


I’ve just powered up three of these devices and all were automatically discovered by Home assistant (I’m using an ESPHome BTProxy if that makes any difference).

The only thing that doesn’t seem to be working is the Signal Strength; that just says “Entity is Unavailable”.


You are correct. I went back and checked and it had appeared. I guess I was impatient.

Thanks for checking

Would you be able to share the relevant YAML for your ESPHome BTProxy install? I am trying to get the H5105 and have not had any luck getting my BT proxy to detect the thermostat in HA. I’m new to BTProxy so am trying to narrow down if I made a config error. Thank you