Add support for Hubspace by Afero

Home Depot is selling IoT products based on Afero’s tech, branded as Hubspace. I just bought low voltage outdoor lighting that integrates with Alexa and Google Assistant through this platform.

I’d second this.

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Following have 3 of these and would love to be able to control!

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Following, wish I knew how to code, would be glad to contribute

Would love to see Hubspace integration with HA.


I’m new to HA and smart-home stuff, def want to get further into it. We just moved into a new house and had Commercial Electric ceiling lights installed, which we currently control with Hubspace, so support for Hubspace would obviously be useful for us. (Commercial Electric stuff says it’s compatible with Alexa and Google Home, too, so I don’t know if that means I wouldn’t need HA-Hubspace support or if I can just do it directly… still learning).

Pretty easy to integrate with their REST API until there is a formal integration. Obviously cloud dependent but their api is well documented.

Home | Afero Developer Portal


Do you have any videos on how to do this or more information? I am desperate… about to return all these hub space devices because they don’t play with home assistant.

Sincerely, a frustrated guy that’s been researching this for hours.

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Anyone have any working solutions for this?

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Sadly, no. Not that I’m currently aware of…

i will twelfth this

I have been playing with this. I was able to mitm the Hubspace app and capture the traffic, but I am a novice at decoding the API with mitmproxy. I see the commands to turn off/on the light, but failing at getting the access token.

Unfortunately, the API is not the same as the documented one on the Afero site. I’ll keep playing with it.

It is an ESP32 chip, so maybe someone will get ESPHome or tasmota on the device. I could not flash it via serial, I think there is some type of write protect.

Edit: I basically have the API figured out and the ESP32 chip cannot be flashed. Might be able to replace it.

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Initial Hubspace integration posted below. Only supports on/off (no dimming) and only tested on the Smart Dimmer. It is cloud polling, so it logs into your account and emulates the android app. There is no logic to detect if the login expires, so you may need to restart homeassistant every few days. I will add logic to account for that later. Post issues on github and I’ll get to it when I can. I hope to add websocket support for instant updates, but I need to figure that out.


I want to say thank you. You are a wonderful human being for taking on this project. I am using it as we speak and it has made the wife happy as well. Keep up the awesome work.


Anyone know if this would work for the lights on a Hubspace ceiling fan? If so, could fan speed support be added?

I don’t have a Hubspace fan at the moment test, but I’m looking at them because they’re like $100 cheaper than similar fans that support HomeKit.

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Thanks @jaaem for figuring out the Auth component! I forked your repo which didn’t seem to work out of the box with the Hubspace ceiling fan, and updated it so that it can auto-populate entities and control brightness. I’m hoping to get around to making the FanEntity soon. There’s also lots of work that can be done to minimize the number of API calls being made (for both Auth and hopefully the entities).


Awesome. I will leave it in your capable hands! Those are great improvements. I think the auth token was only good for 120 seconds, so I was lazy and refreshed it every call. There is definitely a smarter way. And welcome to home assistant, not bad for first post!

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Super excited you guys are working on this. I bought the RGBW recessed lights, and was rather disappointed in how little integration they had with products. I was able to get @jaaem version working with on/off, but the lights only appeared in my dashboard. I was not able to get @mecolmg version to work at all. I tried doing manually and though HACS with no avail.
Is there any way to get these to show up as integrations? I would like to setup a dummy/add-on switch with an automation to turn the power on and off without actually killing the power to them so that they can still be used via voice or switch.
If there are anything I can test for you guys or assist with, I’m new to Home Assistant, but I’m excited to play.

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Glad my version works. It was not tested on your light. I also could not get mecolmg’s version to work. I am confused, if it shows up on the dashboard and works, you should be able to use it in an automation just fine. It is an integration, just configured via the yaml and not the integration page interface. It should make a light.xxxx entity, which you can automate. One note, turning off/on should be instant but if you turn off via voice it could take a minute for homeassistsnt to notice.