Add support for LAN Motorcomm YT6801

Add support for LAN Motorcomm YT6801

What are your expectations regarding “support” of network cards based upon that chip, exactly?
Is it a problem that they don’t work inside HAOS?

Please read the pinned post before posting in Feature Request Topic. It gives you a better chance to make your request happen.

Veuillez lire le message épinglé avant de le publier dans le sujet de demande de fonctionnalité. Cela vous donne une meilleure chance de concrétiser votre demande.

I have this very same issue. Motorcomm YT6801 isn’t detected by HAOS, so there is no network available after install :frowning:

I just bought a new MLLSE Mini PC (N3350 cpu) to use with HAOS and found out this :frowning:

Simple google: