Add support for persistent storage of configuration viles (e.g., .bashrc, .vimrc) to SSH & Terminal add on

I use the SSH & Terminal add on often to access and edit home assistant configuration files.

Unfortunately, the version of VIM that it uses enables the newish visual mode by default; it’s horrible for long time VIM users. The way to disable this is to put set mouse-=a in your ~/.vimrc file (see Disable vim automatic visual mode on mouse select · GitHub).

The problem is that this file is not persistent, so anytime I update or otherwise restart HASSOS, the file is gone and I have to redo this step when I first log in (and find the correct syntax again). It would be great if we could have an option to keep persistent top level configuration files, such as .vimrc and .bashrc. My particular frustration may be a minor one, but I imagine many people would appreciate the ability to have other shell customizations persist in a .bashrc.