Add support for raychem senz wifi termostat


Is it possible for Raychems termostat to be connected to Home Assistant?


Yes, it sure is possible since they offer an open API. I would like to see support for this as well

Yes, that would be great!

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I made an integration for SENZ, it is available in my fork: GitHub - milanmeu/core at add-senz-integration. I’m waiting for Nabucasa to set up the Account Linking service before opening a pull request to add it to Home Assistant core. I will keep you posted.

Super great! :grinning:
Keep us updated!

Hi all;
I also made an integration for SENZ, totally independent of @milanmeu :upside_down_face:
It is designed as a custom_component and available for testing at GitHub - astrandb/senz_hass: SENZ WiFi integration for Home Assistant

This is great!
How does one get ahold of the client id and secret from the manufacturer? I cannot find a link to the Event API site.


Hi @jonte964, welcome to the Home Assistant Community.

balloob (Paulus Schoutsen) will set up the Home Assistant Cloud Account Linking service on Monday. The custom integration of @astrandb has the same domain as the core integration and should therefore also be able to use this service. With this service you do not have to request OAuth2 credentials yourself, but you can use those provided by Home Assistant. If you still want to request your own credentials, you can find the necessary information in the documentation on

:upside_down_face: I always check GitHub before working on an integration, you probably couldn’t find mine because it’s in a fork. I haven’t opened a Pull Request yet because I’ve been waiting for the account linking service since 22 November, otherwise you could have seen it there.

@milanmeu I got a hint from nVent that someone was working on an integration, but I couldn’t find any traces of it…
My experience from open source development is that can take anywhere from a few days to many months until something is ready, so I went ahead on my own…
Never mind, I find it quite fun to make an integration from scratch. If the central client_id-handling work aslo for my custom component I will be happy. When your core version is submitted/accepted I will be happy to assist if needed.

This sounds encouraging! I will sit back and be happy to test once it’s ready. I did try the API documentation but did not have a chance to get thought it yet.