Add Support for Smart Life Components

They have an applet in IFTTT for them. Smart Life IFTTT Applet. You just need to make a webhooks applet that links it with smartlife. Do you need help with setting this up? I could go further if so.

They have an API available to use. I just don’t have the technical knowledge to make a custom component to control it with. I couldn’t see this being very hard for someone that does have the knowledge to set something like this up and I would be willing to send someone one of these to test out and make the component with if it would help the community.

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I just noticed the VOTE button at the top of the thread. Make sure you click the button to cast a vote saying you want this feature.


The setback for IFTTT is that it takes too long to turn on/off the socket, while the app does it immediately.

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I wonder if we can get MQTT working with it via Tuya somehow. I’m a complete noob and only have HA working from watching and re watching many many youtube vids, so I’m just making an observation.


This would be so awesome. Seeing how the app (Smart Life) works well with so many different (low cost) devices, it would indeed be an immense “upgrade” to HA.


Everyone make sure to click the vote button at the top so that we can make this happen!


One more vote for Tuya/Smart life integration from me.
I think the experts can get info after registering here:

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Smart Life Bulbs are great value for money , I would love to be able to have them in my Home Assistant setup


Another vote for Smart Life support.

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Awesome! I’m gonna give this a try sometime during the week and see if I can get it set up. Still wish we could get this set up as an integrated platform though.

This work with my Smart Bulbs. I can turn them on and off. Is it possible to control brightness and color ?

That would be great!

Has anyone started working on this or anything?

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another vote for smart life!!


There this python library to communicate with Tuya devices:

Guess is just a matter of creating a HA plugin.


Which already exists:

If anyone able to get it setup, please post your finding or steps.

I tried unsuccessfully, to get the Device Key various ways.

The plugin says it only works with switches.

What did you do to forward all traffic to your computer? I’m a bit confused by step 1 in this documentation ( I’ve got plenty of port forwards, but I don’t understand what I’m being asked to do. Know of any guides that might help? Thank you so much!

Also just voted! How many do we need?