Add support for Smartmi Evaporative Humidifier 3 (zhimi.humidifier.ca6) support to xiaomi_miio

HA and python-miio currently support Smartmi Evaporative Humidifier 2 (zhimi.humidifer.ca4).

Please add support for Smartmi Evaporative Humidifier 3 (zhimi.humidifier.ca6). It is similar to ca4. It even works if one manually specifies the ca4 model in the configation. But there substantial differences:

  • Modes are different, i.e. there are three modes: Fav (aka Max), Auto, Sleep.
  • Water level meaning is different, i.e. 0 - min/empty, 1 - normal, 2 - max/full.
  • Target humidity max level is 60%, instead of 80%.

Here are ca6 specs:

I have already submitted issue to python-miio (Add support for Smartmi Evaporative Humidifier 3 (zhimi.humidifier.ca6) support to xiaomi_miio · Issue #1884 · rytilahti/python-miio · GitHub).

I have implemented initial support of zhimi.humidifier.ca6.

  • PR to python-miio is here
  • home-assistant/core branch is here

I will work now to make these available upstream.

Here are a few screenshots:


Great! Is it possible to determine if this PR is part of a Home Assistant release?

EDIT: By looking in the github platform I mean

@smoroz Any news on that when that will be available in HomeAssistant?

My PR to python-miio has been recently merged into master. Now we need to wait for the official release of a new version of python-miio library. And after that I will do PR in home-assistant, because I can’t add dependency to dev version of the library :frowning: