Add support to Ring's sensors (door/window sensors and motion sensors)

I have a Ring Alarm system with a bunch of door and window sensors, and motion sensors, that I’d love to have access to in Home Assistant. Without having to remove them from the Ring Alarm hub.

Integration: Ring - Home Assistant

I’m currently using a pretty non-ideal workaround: have a child bridge in Homebridge, use Homebridge’s Ring plugin, then connect it to HA as a HomeKit device.

It turns out being able to reuse my alarm sensors is very useful.

The official HA Ring integration may not get the functionality you want. But this might.

Thanks I’ll take a look. I do still think the official integration should support it, that Add On installation doesn’t seem trivial.

Agree but hey, volunteers maintain the code and the mgtt one appears to be getting more attention for now.

True, and the list of supported devices from ring-mqtt seems very complete.