Add support - Xiaomi Mijia Aqara Eigenstone tweeweg controle module Draadloze Relais Controller 2 kanalen

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recently bought 4 Xiaomi Mijia Relay’s (LLKZMK11LM) for a project. They are working perfect so far. But can’t seem to find support for them within Home Assistant. Found some articles speaking about them but not yet support. Is it on a Roadmap or do we need more info, maybe i can help with that part. Hope there is way to add support.

What also would work for me (temporary) is if i can trigger a scene which i made within my Xiaomi gateway (or are these only app based).

link to the device:

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It is a zigbee device. It is supported in zigbee2mqtt.

Probably other zigbee implementations too.

Hi Nick,

Thank you for responding so quick. I found threads where they say i can get it to work with zigbee2mqtt and deConz. But already got the Xiaomi gateway, mi flora and vacuum module in place for all my xiaomi equipment. Home it can be add in the gateway module which i use.

Hi there, has anyone of you already used this Xiaomi module in conjunction with a ConBee 2 and has had good experiences with it? I am also considering buying the module.

Take a look at the blakadder page. It lists comptibility.

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i have choose to order a zigbee2mqtt module

Wireless Zigbee CC2531 CC2540 Sniffer Bare Board Packet Protocol Analyzer Module USB Interface Dongle Capture Packet Module