Add support Yeelight Smart Dual Control Module

I have Yeelight Smart Dual Control Module and that can be controlled with MiHome but is unsupported by the HA integration. It would be amazing if we can get this working with HA.


There was an integration for this device (Yeelight smart dual controle module (switch)). I have just tried it, but it seems it doesn’t support the yeelight dual smart switch anymore.


Very sad, but thanks for information. I don’t want to change this module, but over time there will be no choice left.

I still got it working with the “ ha0y/xiaomi_miot_raw’” integration “with a few adjustments”

but they removed it “ Issues · hacs/integration · GitHub
Because there is no more support.

Until there is an alternative I won’t remove this integration. Because it’s working for now.

@ArjanNL Maybe you can send me your integration? I would be very happy to try implementing it into my HA.

Do you got the integration installed? Xiaomi MIot? (ha0y/xiaomi_miot_raw)
It’s still available as integration.

Next add a device trough IP/Token (add integration Xiaomi Gateway 3, there you can log in with your xiaomi account and retrieve the Token)

then apply the fix mentioned here:

HA 2023.6 Update Error · Issue #518 · ha0y/xiaomi_miot_raw (

Go to your …/custom_components/xiaomi_miot_raw folder & And remove the following in each *.py file.

import asyncio

Then reload the addon, and then it will run again :slight_smile:

and maybe:

“also need to change “yield from” to “await” in (line 705,709)”

Amazing! It’s work! :grinning:
Many thanks! :handshake:

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Nice! Hopefully someone integrates this in their custom components in the near future