Add Synology SRM support for sensors

Synology SRM intergration should not add only support for device_trakers but also for sensors to be able to obtain data usage for the current month / day etc.

Does the router support SNMP, if so you could use the SNMP sensor to collect the data.

Then use a SNMP Mib Browser to get the correct oid

SRM’s SNMP doesn’t return anything useful at all - basically the only thing that is of any use (and only minor at that) is CPU

I ended up making the integration myself:

… I finished this in Feb … then 2.5 months after was told they had just updated their standards and were no longer going to accept this because it requires the config.yaml.

Does your integration still work? I take it they are not merging your changes?
I saw your amazing Lovelace example on that GitHub issue, can you provide an example for other cards as well? I would love to have it set up the same way as you did :slight_smile: