Add Tellstick Duo in Hassos

I am new to Home assistant, but got my Samsung TV and Pioneer AVR up running without problems at all.
But struggling to add my Tellstick Duo, and need som help as i can´t figure it out.
My setup is:
I am running the readymade Hassos ova 2.12.vmdk on a virtualbox that runs on a server 2016.
My Tellstick Duo is plugged in the small computer, and i think the Tellstick is visible for the guest in virtualbox, but not 100% sure.
I have added the Add-on “Tellstick” (TellStick and TellStick Duo service) in, and it runs. And i have added the following lines in conffiguration.yaml:
host: core-tellstick
port: [50800, 50801]
But i do not see something even after a hassio restart.
Do i also have to install something more (Telldus Center) in the operatingsystem hassio is running on?
Hope someone can help me out or point me in the correct direction.

I don’t own a tellstick,but did you check out the documentation for the tellstick

And for adding tellstick devices

Hi! Yes i did, several times. I added this in the configuration.yaml
host: core-tellstick
port: [50800, 50801]
and this:
platform: tellstick
But where to put the json code for adding devices? and i dont find the tellstick config file either,where is that file?
Is it some command or a way to check if the Duo is visible in the CLI or something?

Update: It is working now, there was just a missing usb setting in Virtualbox :slight_smile:

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Hello @smurfen
I’m trying to migrate from RPi 4 to Proxmox.
Even though I can see the Tellstick, and the nc core-tellstick 50801 command play the 433MHz messages, Home Assistant seem not to recognize any of the configured devices.

I forwarded the USB devices to the hassosova.

Did you make additional USB configuratons to Proxmox?


Hi! @Hamster

I don´t know Proxmox, i am running Virtualbox (Freeware from Oracle) with Hassos,
(Alpine Linux with docker).
Add a filter and mount it in virtualbox.
Installed the add-on in HA and added this to the configuration.yaml

    host: core-tellstick
    port: [50800, 50801]
    signal_repetitions: 3

And add all the devices under configuration in the add-on.

The issue was identified some weeks later when I tried to migrate to nuc instead of Proxmox.
The problem was that my configuration from the pi3/pi4 hardware had gpio defined. This is pi specific and broke some functions and especially switches when it started on nuc and Proxmox.

End of story was to remove pi hardware specific config and reboot. HA now run perfectly on nuc. Would probably be fine on Proxmox too.