Add the option to choose Assist language

Most of us are reading “tech” in English, and still would like to use Assist in our native language.
Please do consider adding the option to choose the language to Assist.
I believe that this feature would greatly benefit a wider range of users and make Assist more accessible to people who speak different languages. This would allow for a more inclusive user experience and better serve the needs of your diverse user base.

Remember to vote for your suggestion. :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t want HA to be in my native language, but I wouldn’t either want to talk with HA in English.
This is a must feature in my opinion


Make HA bilingual! :slight_smile: My wife prefers giving voice commands in her native language and i prefer english. So multiple options are welcomed. Please consider this as a new feature as well


I saw Paulus sending bilingual orders to Assist in the video presentation and I thought this is already implemented. He added several alias to an entity in english and german and then he used them.

How has he been able to do that?

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I think he used Home Assistant Cloud for that. I hope this functionality comes to Whisper and Piper soon! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

what is the feature?
I have an Dutch and English assistant already.
one as an addon
the 2nd using docker on a external machine as provided in the blog.


I can only select English, how did you manage to add a Dutch one?

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Hello! I’m interested in this, too, but would prefer a “native” option (i.e. have HA “multilingual”) over the necessity to use some extra docker.