Add toggle to scene editor to enable/disable live preview with default to OFF

While I like the new scene editor, it’s IMO a absolute no-go to apply the scene states automatically when you edit it. Just imagine you have a scene “away mode” that turns all the lights and devices off, turns on the alarm and what not. Now imagine you try to edit this scene at night and boom, lights are out, TVs are out and the alarm goes off while somebody tried to walk to the light switch and came across a motion sensor. So applying scene states live automatically is IMO a veeeeeeery bad idea.

My suggestion would be to add a toggle to the scene editor that by default is OFF and allows users to enable this “live editing mode”. That way it’s still super convenient to see the current scene state when editing/creating scenes for your lights and what not, but you could also use the editor for every other scene that you might not want to automatically trigger.

As a new HA user coming from SmartThings I can’t believe that this isn’t already a thing. Personally my spouse is a early bird and I’m a night owl. I do a lot of configuration work at night and having scenes apply immediately when creating or even looking at one makes it impossible to do certain things. Either a global option or per scene would be fine.