Add Treatlife to Tuya list of apps in integration

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The new Treatlife hardware now uses their own application called Treatlife. Just like Tuya Smart and Smartlife, Treatlife uses the same app core, protocols, and backend as any Tuya device. Ive found the only differences is the subdomain for authentication is different but uses the Tuya Domain and has its own user/device database.
The Ds03 which is a celing fan/light combo smart switch is not an available selection on any app except for treatlife. I see a lot of people flashing or modding the switch to use the Tuya app integration for home assistant.
My suggestion is could someone either extend treatlife to the existing integration or create a new one? I do not think that it would be difficult being that it appears to be just another wrapper around Tuya core.

Totally the same question.

I’ve already fully installed the (20-odd) switches into a 52 years-old townhouse, and since the space in the wall switch box is old and extremely small, it’ll be really hard to take them out and flashing them (also, a bit scared since all the wiring are a bit “stuffed-in”).

There must be a way for HA to tap into the software/app?