Add {{trigger.to_state.state_with_unit}}

please consider adding as per title to the options for use in automations/scripts, like:

      - service: notify.notify
          title: 'Hassio Rpi4 system message: Critical Device offline!'
          message: >
            {{as_timestamp(now())|timestamp_custom('%X')}} :
            {{}} has gone offline and state is {{trigger.to_state.state_with_unit}}.
            Check status to restore functionality.'

Since even the developer-tools/template shows this as example:

For loop example:
{% for state in states.sensor -%}
  {%- if loop.first %}The {% elif loop.last %} and the {% else %}, the {% endif -%}
  {{ | lower }} is {{state.state_with_unit}}
{%- endfor %}.

it seems logical to add this as option for the trigger.states

Hope it can be realized, would simplify things even more.