Add Unifi through yaml

Is there a way I can add the unifi integration to home assistant, without going through Configuration -> Integrations -> UniFi Controller??

I would prefer adding it using the yaml files instead of the UI.

Is there a way I can do this?


The old way of configuring unifi device tracker in the device tracker platform has been removed.

If there is something you’re missing feel free to create a feature request

I wonder if Home Assistant is slowly moving away from yaml configuration and towards UI configuration only.

I really like the fact that I can build a fresh HA installation and just drop all my yaml files in the config folder, and be done with it.

I guess it’s difficult maintaining two ways of configuring HA.

you can do literally the same thing with the new method too. Instead of Yaml, it’s stored in JSON files inside .storage directory. Just make sure you drop the .storage directory in with your yaml.

Good to know, thank you!

This is me doing these changes because supporting and changing what is part of the configuration is much easier done from the frontend. There is no change in direction for hass in regards to configuration.yaml

There should be a way to setup unifi integration in unattended manner…

My scenario:

  1. HA is hosted on ESX VM
  2. VM provisioning and configuration is performed with ansible
    So at any moment I’m able to delete VM and create new one form scratch with the same config.

Since configuration.yml based configuration of unifi is not possible anymore, as I see it, at present momemnt the only way to setup unifi automatically is processing of .storage/core.config_entries find or create section there and so on. It does not look reliable as format of .storage/core.config_entries is something internal and may changed at any moment without event mentioning in release notes…

Guess, the idea behind moving configuration to .storage/core.config_entries is having control over it from UI. But in this case there should be a way to configure integration from command line instead of manually editing internal setting storage. Thus integration is only owner of configuration and it does not matter how is it setup - with UI or automation.

There is no use continuing this discussion on this level. It has been ventilated on many occasions. There is a thread for YAML blog post to keep discussing it or the architecture repository to suggest a way forward.

I personally don’t want to support yaml, to many support issues which are resolved by configuring through the frontend.

The path forward for the kind of configuration support you are asking for is either through architecture repo, forking the integration to HACS, modify the json file directly or by using headless control over the setup flow of the integration.